Mount Sof of Gaziantep, struggling against quarries that are digging up the mountain

While Turkey is focused on the sacking of Kaz Mountains in Çanakkale by Canadian gold mining company Alamos Gold, Mount Sof which is considered to be the lungs of Gaziantep and its plateau are sacked by quarries. The clean air that the city breathes in comes from this mountain and the green area of it are already trimmed.


Sof Mountain now faces the threat of losing its fresh air, oxygen, healing water right out of source, tomatoes, milk and yoğurt because of the quarries causing land massacre. Environmentalists voiced need for stopping the severe blow to Gaziantep’s lungs as soon as possible. There are more than 10 quarries in Aceroba, Durnalık and many other villages around Sof Mountain’s Plateau and not only people but also the nature is affected negatively by the destruction & demoliton caused by them. Locals have been continuing their legal struggle against these quarries for years. But they have not got any result so far. On the other hand, there is a notable increase in the number of tall buildings and it also cuts Gaziantep’s air tubes.


CHP Gaziantep Deputy İrfan Kaplan took action against this environment massacre and made observations on the field. Later on Kaplan made the following statement on his social media account, “Sof Mountain is a source of oxygen for Gaziantep, a lung for our veteran city. Sof Mountain is no less important than Kaz Mountains. Government continues to make benefits available to his supporters. Sof Mountain is also being sacked by a pro-government quarry.”


Gaziantep locals started a campaign on change.org. The campaign emphasizes on the mountain’s unique beauty in its area, the locals react strongly to the situation with following words, “Gaziantep is within the closest proximity to Africa’s desert climate, a city where summer heat gets almost 50 C. Veteran city’s greatest luck is Sof Mountain with its unique beauty and its pleteau which has 3rd highest quality oxygen in the world. But there is a heavy increasy in quarry activities of the area. They are triggering the death of the Veteran City and destroying her air.”