Fathers who Give Bath to Their Children

For the last three weeks, I have written about the place of women and how our misperceptions govern us about women. Exactly at this point, a few famed (!) persons in Turkey gave some statements one after another about what I have been discussing for a while.  One said, ‘The urban woman does not care for the child, she...

The Question After the Istanbul Earthquake: Earthquake Emergency Assembly Areas

Today, the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 moment in the afternoon off the Silivri district of Istanbul in the Marmara Sea brought the risk of earthquakes to our agenda again. One of the most controversial issues about the possible major İstanbul earthquake that has been discussed for years, is the assembly areas…...

DISK-Ar: Unemployment Increased by 1 Million, Employment Dropped by 770.000

According to data from September 2019 Unemployment and Employment Report carried out by the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions Research Center (DİSK-AR); broadly described unemployment for the past June has increased to 6 million 988 thousand people compared to 5 million 952 thousand people last year June. DİSK...

Women’s Place in Society – 17 Women Bus Drivers in Izmir

17 female bus drivers in İzmir questioned the ‘Women’s Place in Society’ once again. And they showed us that a woman can do anything if she wants, believes, and is given the opportunity. I’m proud of them! In my articles in the past weeks, I have examined the issue of ‘the place of women in society’ from a...

Understanding Guide for Minister of Interior from the Main Opposition CHP

The main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen has said “In a sense, we prepared chronologically ‘an understanding guidance for Süleyman Soylu” by stating that Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu has been acting and arguing in the exact opposite way that he did in the past. “How Süleyman...

Date Set for New Breakaway Party from Governing AKP

Former AKP Minister of Economy, Ali Babacan who has appeared in media in recent months with news of a breakaway party from within governing Justice & Development Party AKP, announced the establishment date for new party. Babacan announced that former president Abdullah Gül will not be among the supporters of the...

Woman’s Place in Society – Continuing to a Perceptional Approach

“When we finish university, we have opportunity to get a good job and make a good career, but our ‘biological’ sex takes us a step back. Since many employers prefer men instead of women, especially if we work in heavy industry. They say that this woman will give birth, she will take several months maternal leave...

Do Tv Series Increase Femicide Rates?

The most important criterion of the series producers is being watched more. Stories, characters are always determined by this criterion. Those who produce the series are against violence against women. But costumers are not… The responsibility of the producers begins at this point.   The tv series sector is perhaps...


8 hours ago
CHP Ankara mayor Mansur Yavaş gave directive to reduce monthly student pass fees to ₺60 for 200 tickets. https://t.co/kMzAfjtkAK
8 hours ago
AKP chair & President Erdoğan, "thanks to Mr. Trump who sent Pence as chief negotiator with Pompeo to discuss our agreement and 120 hours of deadline has started; YPG must withdraw from the region. Currently there is no conflict; to claim there is, is misinformation." https://t.co/8U6b10F6mc
8 hours ago
Due to low maintenance of roads in Düzce's Gümüşova at Elmacık village, drivers complaining of the road conditions started riding horses.
8 hours ago
HDP spokesperson Günay Kubilay, "as HDP we find the agreement between US and Turkey significant, knowing that blood will not be shed at least for 5 days." https://t.co/4fHrjrsyCB
9 hours ago
@kkpkurdistan HDP's Democracy Rally scheduled for October 19 in Ankara has been banned by governorship. https://t.co/Avq2e5OguB
9 hours ago
Despite the ceasefire agreement between Turkey and the US concerning north of Syria, Reuters reports artillery and gun fire can be heard from Resulayn.
9 hours ago
@DrRidvanTuran Police towed the HDP bus with a crane and placed a tent in front of the party headquarters in Diyarbakır.