Modern Slavery in Shopping Malls: Report from Main Opposition CHP

According to the main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP’s Shopping Mall Report, employees in shopping malls who are working for 12 hours, can also not benefit from religious and national holidays. More than half of the shopping mall workers constantly work overtime. 54.4 percent of shopping mall employees have...

Impressions on the Deeds of Appointed Trustee Mayor in Van

Recently I was in the city of Van to offer consultancy during strategic planning process at the metropolitan municipality. I will explain my first-hand experiences what kind of damage appointed trustee has caused in the city previously, because trustees are not only theft of political rights. Appointment of trustees...

Appointed Trustees Replace Elected HDP Co-Mayors, Again

Following March 31 Municipal Elections in Turkey, HDP had won with over 50% in dozens of cities where elected mayors had been previously replaced by appointed trustees. Following the elections, several elected mayors had been denied their mandate to become the mayor officially due to having been dismissed from public...

Turkish Opposition CHP’s “One Man Regime” Report

Republican People’s Party CHP prepared a report on the 5th year of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s first time Presidential election victory on August 10, 2014. According to the report, in the last 5 years it caused a decrease in Turkey’s domestic income, while there has been recorded an increase in inflation to double-digit...

İlhan Karakurt: “We won together, shall rule together”

All Municipal and Local Government Service Workers Union (Tüm-Bel-Sen) Antalya Branch Chairperson İlhan Karakurt, when the Justice & Development Party, AKP deputy Menderes Türel has taken up the position after the 2014 elections in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, he was deported twice from Antalya to Gündoğmuş...

“Two Weeks of Deportations” Report Explains the Hardships Immigrants Face

“We Want to Live Together” Initiative published their “Two Weeks of Deportations” report on the unregistered immigrants’ deportations. “We Want to Live Together” Initiative spokesperson Eyüp Özer stated that registered immigrants are also being deported, as well. According to the report, the most common practice is to...

“Water & Consciousness Watch for Kaz Mountains will not Stop”

It has been 12 days since the “Water & Consciousness Watch” has been initiated against the gold mine activities carried out in the Balaban location of Kirazlı village in the Turkish province of Çanakkale. Çanakkale Deputy Mayor Mehmet İrfan Mutluay, and Chairman of Çanakkale City Council Environment Assembly Pınar...

Gastronomy Festival at Gaziantep

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, gathered with sector representatives before the 2nd International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival (GastroAntep) which will be held September 12-15, 2019. At the meeting, opinions, requests and suggestions of sector representatives were received and a general...

Columnist Sinan Biçici: “National & Authentic Netflix?”

We have long been waiting; finally it happened. A new regulation that allows Radiot & TV Higher Institution RTÜK to have authority over platforms that broadcast online, has been published on the Official Gazette and is now in effect. The regulation -despite being presented as a licensing mechanism- in reality...


2 days ago
@MehmetYAZICI55 @guvenbogaa @secilbzks DISK and KESK unions, Union of Turkish Architects & Engineers Chambers, Turkish Medical Association have gathered in Istanbul's Kadıköy to protest dismissal of elected HDP mayors.
2 days ago
@MehmetYAZICI55 @guvenbogaa Following HDP's call to raise voices against dismissal of elected co-mayors, people in Diyarbakır joined in "cacerolazo" at 8 pm.
2 days ago
Number of German citizens in Turkish prisons has increased to 62 in 2019, from 47 in 2018.
2 days ago
@MehmetYAZICI55 @guvenbogaa HDP deputy Ayşe Acar Başaran advised citizens to take trustee appointments to court, "as citizens' right to elect their mayors have been violated, they can take these decisions to court."
2 days ago
During the 18th anniversary of AKP, party leader & President Erdoğan said "AKP has led the greatest leap forward in terms of democracy and economy in the history of the Republic."
2 days ago
On the 18th anniversary of AKP, party chair & President Erdoğan gave a speech, "those who were unable to carry the burden of this holy march have lost their path on the way; those who left from under this roof are forgotten and shall never be remembered."
2 days ago
Seasonal worker Şirin Tosun has been shot in the head in Sakarya after arriving from Diyarbakır. 3 people have been arrested. Tosun's friend Mahsun Eren said "first they swore against people from Diyarbakır and then opened fire."