47 minutes ago
Öztrak, "Economic & Social Council must be gathered immediately; a 5 year development plan has to be legalized. Precautions should favor production instead of imports and earnings instead of loans. Democracy & rule of law must be strengthened in accordance with election results."
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49 minutes ago
Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar visited government ally MHP leader Bahçeli; also announcing he will visit CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu and IYI Party leader Akşener.
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50 minutes ago
CHP spokesperson Öztrak held a press conference, "in the last 5 years Turkey has experienced election every 8 months. Now the elections are over and it is time to focus on economy; the Palace must come back to itself."
53 minutes ago
A bus driver in Hatay's Samandağ, offered free ride to passengers in celebration of Ekrem Imamoğlu's win in Istanbul.
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57 minutes ago
Can Atalay, "let me say what I should say last in the beginning; this indictment is the most current example of an attempt to stain the most honorable social development of these lands' history."
Drawing: @tariktolunay
59 minutes ago
Amnesty International made a call for immediate release of #OsmanKavala and #YiğitAksakoğlu in #OccupyGezi trial and dropping of all charges against the 16 people on trial.
1 hour ago
Hakan Ali Altınay, "I do not think the indictment presents any crimes. As the prosecution does not prove any crimes, I guess I must prove my innocence."