Saleeh Muslim released in Czechia: Turkey’s crisis with the Interpol

Turkey had filed a red notice at Interpol for arrest of Saleeh Muslim, the former co-chair of Democratic Union Party PYD which resulted in the Kurdish leader’s temporary arrest in the capital of Czech, Prague. Muslim has been released after a 2 day custody, reminding the ‘Interpol Crisis’ when Turkey had filed a...

A day at the Turkish Courts: Day of Judicial Upheaval

February 16, 2018 has been a day of judicial upheaval in the Turkish courts. In several cases that have been heard at different courts today, the indictment of an imprisoned journalist was accepted and then, he was released from prison. Other journalists have received aggravated life sentences, the wrong suspect was...

Banned theatrical play ‘Just a Dictator’ live-reading took place in Turkey

Actor Barış Atay’s one-man play “Just a Dictator” had been banned prior to its staging in Artvin on January 9, and across Turkey on January 24. Despite the increasing pressure, Acting Union, actors, theatre-houses are reclaiming the play, and conducting live-reading in numerous locations. [mks_dropcap...

dokuz8NEWS starts ‘Data Journalism Project’

On the fourth year of its activities, dokuz8NEWS has expanded into a new area of operations by starting Development of Data Journalism in Turkey Project, with MATRA funding from the Netherlands. [mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff”...

Switzerland denies asylum application of persecuted journalist Hülya Emeç

Journalist Hülya Emeç -a member of International Federation of Journalists- has applied for asylum in Switzerland’s Zurich Airport, and is currently being kept there with expectations to be sent back to Brazil where she arrived to Zurich from. Swiss authorities consider Brazil as a safe country for journalists...


9 hours ago
EU Delegation in Turkey’s Head of Cooperation Andre Lys evaluated #CivilVoices Festival in Istanbul, organized by @stgmdernegi.
15 hours ago
Malin Stawe from @SwedenAnkara “we are the first generation to eradicate poverty but we are the last generation to fight against #ClimateChange”
#CivilVoices & #SivilSesler
15 hours ago
Civil Voices Festival has begun in Istanbul, organized by @stgmdernegi at UNIQ Istanbul.
1 day ago
CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu was asked what he would say about Muharrem İnce declaring his bid for presidency for 2023 Presidential Elections, "we will see when the elections are due, then we will decide on nomination."
1 day ago
3 thieves stole 36 sheep in Adana, caught on security camera. Police is looking for suspect R.D. after catching Vahap A. and Ibrahim A.
1 day ago
Renowned actor Haluk Bilginer has been nominated for "Best Actor" in International Emmy Awards for his performance on TV series Şahsiyet.
1 day ago
11 people have been called to testify concerning protest against state dormitory construction on METU campus. Kavaklık Initiative member Çağlar Karabulut, "we will let none of our friends to experience any unjust treatment."