January 10 Working Journalists’ Day observed in Turkey

January 10 has been celebrated in Turkey as the Festival of Working Journalists between 1961-1971. The day has been renamed as “January 10 Working Journalists’ Day” in 1971 after several rights of the journalists have been revoked by Military Coup Council. [mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″...

Turkish dissidents face assassination risk in Europe, says opposition deputy

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul deputy Garo Paylan had voiced his worries regarding information on assassination plans targeting Alevi, Armenian and Kurdish journalists, writers and academics who fled Turkey and sought asylum in Europe. An investigation has been started by Ankara Office of the Chief Public...

Jerusalem Rally got intervened in Istanbul

Jerusalem Rally that had been announced by youth groups in Istanbul was intervened by police and dozens were detained. Youth groups read out a press statement defying US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. [mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″...

Continuation of arrest decision given for #HungerStrike educator Gülmen

The fifth hearing in hunger strike educators’ Nuriye Gelmen & Semih Özakça’s trial has taken place in Ankara Sincan Prison Courthouse today. On day 264 of the hunger strike, prosecution has asked for release of Nuriye Gülmen from Prison. Court has rejected the release request from prosecution. [mks_dropcap...

Youth IGF Turkey 2017 has been held in Istanbul

Youth Internet Governance Forum Turkey (Youth IGF Turkey) has been held at the shared working space of Istanbul Kadıköy Municipality, IDEA on November 26, Sunday. There were three main sessions on access, security and media, with participation of more than 30 participants. [mks_dropcap style=”letter”...


16 hours ago
@masenasaglam Ercan Kızılateş has been sentenced to 5 months in prison for calling Asena Melisa Sağlam "immoral & shameless". Suspect will spend 21 months in prison for all crimes committed. https://t.co/vC9aCLcl9q
16 hours ago
First hearing for #AdnanOktar and Followers is being held in Silivri Prison Courthouse, Oktar claimed "British deep state is targeting me. They want to destroy me. Why would be start a criminal gang? Are we idiots? All my friends are brilliant people." https://t.co/705yu08SqM
16 hours ago
During the Democracy Watch in Diyarbakır, Peoples' Democratic Congress co-spokesperson Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit said "the aim of trustee appointments and dismissal of HDP politicians is to cut HDP's ties to the people." https://t.co/4UiN1nKmHo
16 hours ago
@merdanyanardag @selcukozdag @ibrahimmturhan @yildirimkaya40 @AliPulcu Emin Özden who was twice AKP mayor in Antalya's Alanya resigned from AKP, "may God never let us love any mortal to the point of naming our children again; we have been wrong". Özden had named his son "Tayyip". https://t.co/5J2uns1ppX
17 hours ago
MHP vice chair Semih Yalçın accused CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu of ignorance, "accusing our leader Bahçeli as if we are partners with AKP in a coalition is taking Kılıçdaroğlu's hallow gabbiness beyond ignorance." https://t.co/SFMV5pB4U7
17 hours ago
Trustee has been appointed to main opposition CHP board in Eskişehir. Trustee will hold provincial congress in 45 days. https://t.co/QzGz8vNlxZ
17 hours ago
2019-2020 Start of Higher Education Year will take place with a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Ankara tomorrow. https://t.co/8vdlIErC0X