15 hours ago
Minister of Interior Soylu, "since July 15, 2016 we have conducted 324.243 operations against terrorist organizations; 69.496 have been detained from all terrorist organizations and 5.778 terrorists have been neutralized."
16 hours ago
President Erdoğan and Istanbul mayor Imamoğlu appeared in the same photo since June 23 Istanbul Elections.
16 hours ago
AKP chair & President Erdoğan, "I am grateful to our media, NGOs, intellectuals who stood up straight and set an example to the world on that night; I am grateful for all the imams that kept chanting call to prayers until morning."
18 hours ago
As commemoration of July 15 coup attempt, at 00.13 on July 16 there will be funeral prayer calls from all 90.000 mosques across Turkey.
21 hours ago
Minister of Justice Gül, "from a judiciary that salutes coup plotters, we have come to a judiciary that puts plotters on trial; this is a significant development. Turkish judiciary has proven itself."
22 hours ago
HDP group deputy chair Saruhan Oluç, "finding democratic & peaceful solution to Kurdish problem is crucial in prevention of other coup processes in the future."
22 hours ago
16 year old S.T. has been fined ₺320 for writing on historic walls of Şifaiye Madrasah in Sivas.