dokuz8NEWS Black Sea Regional Training Completed in Samsun

‘Social Gender and Rights Oriented Alternative Media & Citizen Journalism training’ welcomed local journalists, citizen journalists, women organization representatives, associations for the disabled, municipal employees from Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Safranbolu, Kastamonu and lasted for three days. dokuz8NEWS Black...

Evaluation of “Secondary Education Draft Plan” by Philosophers Association

The Philosophers Association announced their criticism and suggestions with a report regarding the Secondary Education Design Program announced by the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk in May 2019. Secondary Education Design Program, which was announced by Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk at the...

Are Japan’s women’s universities to set an example for Turkey?

President of Turkey and chairperson of ruling Justice & Development Party AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went to Japan’s Osaka on June 28-29 for G-20 Summit and also visited Mukogawa Women’s University where he announced his liking of the system. Erdoğan, upon his arrival in Turkey also brought up his visit...

IPI: How to prepare Turkey’s journalists for a freer era?

International Press Institute has announced its latest report on the conditions of media & journalism in Turkey. The report is titled “It won’t always be like this: How to prepare Turkey’s jouırnalists for a freer era?” and has been prepared by IPI Turkey National Committee’s Emre...

What did International Commentators Say about June 23 #IstanbulElections?

Following March 31 municipal elections in Turkey, governing Justice & Development Party AKP had contested the results and forced a repeat of elections for Istanbul’s highest seat, for the metropolitan mayor. Opposition alliance’s candidate Ekrem Imamoğlu, having won with only 13.500 margin on March 31...

dokuz8NEWS’ Flagship Twitter Account @dokuz8haber Suspended & Later Reinstated

Citizen journalism focused independent non-profit news organization dokuz8NEWS operating in Istanbul/Turkey has been suspended on popular social media platform Twitter. The news organization has been showing efforts to combine dynamism of citizen journalism and the experience of professional journalism since its...

Imamoğlu’s most recent 100.000 followers: mostly AKP supporters

Turkey’s first TV debate between two political rivals for the first time in 17 years, has become a milestone for democratization process of the country. During and after the debate, Republican People’s Party CHP’s Istanbul candidate Ekrem Imamoğlu has received over a hundred thousand new followers on...

Turkey Elections Map of March 31 Based on Provinces and Districts

1,5 months after the municipal elections held in Turkey, extraordinary objections are still not fully answered by Supreme Election Council, while repeat of elections have been declared for a number of towns and cities including Europe’s largest city, Istanbul. Due to the governing Justice & Development Party...

CHP’s Manifesto regarding repeat of Istanbul elections

Main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP Party Council has gathered in extraordinary session today in the morning following Supreme Election Council’s decision to cancel results of municipal elections held on March 31, and declaring repeat of elections on June 23. CHP has issued a declaration...


16 hours ago
@masenasaglam Ercan Kızılateş has been sentenced to 5 months in prison for calling Asena Melisa Sağlam "immoral & shameless". Suspect will spend 21 months in prison for all crimes committed.
16 hours ago
First hearing for #AdnanOktar and Followers is being held in Silivri Prison Courthouse, Oktar claimed "British deep state is targeting me. They want to destroy me. Why would be start a criminal gang? Are we idiots? All my friends are brilliant people."
16 hours ago
During the Democracy Watch in Diyarbakır, Peoples' Democratic Congress co-spokesperson Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit said "the aim of trustee appointments and dismissal of HDP politicians is to cut HDP's ties to the people."
17 hours ago
@merdanyanardag @selcukozdag @ibrahimmturhan @yildirimkaya40 @AliPulcu Emin Özden who was twice AKP mayor in Antalya's Alanya resigned from AKP, "may God never let us love any mortal to the point of naming our children again; we have been wrong". Özden had named his son "Tayyip".
17 hours ago
MHP vice chair Semih Yalçın accused CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu of ignorance, "accusing our leader Bahçeli as if we are partners with AKP in a coalition is taking Kılıçdaroğlu's hallow gabbiness beyond ignorance."
17 hours ago
Trustee has been appointed to main opposition CHP board in Eskişehir. Trustee will hold provincial congress in 45 days.
17 hours ago
2019-2020 Start of Higher Education Year will take place with a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Ankara tomorrow.