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Ana Sayfa EN 14 year old author's book: "The World of Captives"

14 year old author’s book: “The World of Captives”

Fırat Özdemir, a 14-year-old high school student from Batman, wrote about humanity in captivity and said, “people are not free, but they can be comfortable. We are trying to comfort ourselves by thinking, by transcribing what we think.”

14-year-old Fırat Özdemir, the author of the book The World of Captives , underlined his worry about young people that are now more interested in television series. He said, “I say that read my book, read other books and read continuously.”

Fırat Özdemir, son of Kurdish author Faysal Özdemir, emphasized that people who produce without being under the captivity of someone else can be more effective in terms of art and literature, and in the social sense.

Fırat Özdemir, who will meet his readers to sign his book at the TÜYAP Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. in Diyarbakır on October 5 – 6, recalled that he expects anyone who loves to read or not, in booth 103 F Sîtav Publishing House and added:


“I wrote The World of Captives  by thinking on it. The World of Captives, in a sense, is a state of analyzing a person. I expressed the world. I have covered how people are and how they feel. As a 14-year-old man without wishing to overstep my line, I tried to tell people themselves.

Actually, people exist as much as they think, and I just tried to tell them the truths. I wrote my book just by looking and analyzing. I want this to reach out to people, spread out and also make them look at their worlds through my eyes. It is up to them whether it is right or wrong. It does not matter whatever they understand. But I want them to understand it in the most accurate way, I want them to understand with love. I believe that everything can be solved with love and I want it as well.”


Fırat Özdemir said, “my father is a writer… He has also published important books. Sometimes we talk with each other, but to tell you the truth, I was not inspired by my father or anyone else. I can not say that I read too many books, maybe the number of books I read may not find 100. What matters is not what you know, the important thing is feeling. Because when you write something or produce, your feelings decide at the end.


Fırat said, “my advice to young people is that they never should take the role of hooliganism in movies or TV series as an example” and adding “they should consider things with understanding and always exist with their own thoughts. They should come forward with their own ideas, not with the ideas of others. They should express whatever they feel. At last, I say that read my book, read other books and read continuously… Never ever lean towards bad things or if you can not distinguish between right and evil, know that there are always books.”


Translated by Atakan Hüyük

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