15 Ağustos 2020, Cumartesi
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4 out of 10 people do not take measures against COVID-19 in Turkey: Poll

According to the survey on Coronavirus which was conducted by “Gezici Polling Agency” on 1068 people, 4 out of every 10 people in Turkey do not take any measures against the virus. While the rate of those who think that the solution will be found in a short time is 52.3%, the rate of those who faced with mental difficulties as a result of the pandemic-scare is 24.2%.

Gezici Polling Agency conducted a survey with participation of 1068 people on Coronavirus outbreak which started in China and spread around the entire world becoming a global pandemic.


According to the news of Cumhuriyet, upon the question of whether the citizens stock up on medicines and vittles or not after the epidemic, 52.4 of the citizens said that they stocked up and 35.2% of them said that they went shopping at normal level. In the survey, while 64.2% of the citizens stated that they took individual precautions against the outbreak, approximately 4 out of every 10 people stated that they still did not take any precaution. Citizens when asked about their reasons for not taking any measures, replied that “solution will be found in a short time” and “they will not be affected by the virus”.


While 70.8% of the citizens who were asked whether the measures taken by government are enough or not, declared that they were satisfied, the rate of those who found the measures insufficient remained at 20.8 percent. The rate of those who think that a solution will be found soon is 52.3%, the rate of those who are having mental difficulties due to virus outbreak increased to 24.2%.


While the citizens receive information that would provide on how to avoid the virus primarily from social media then followed by visual media and printed media. In the survey, it was also stated that, 14.2% of the population created an account on social media after the coronavirus outbreak. Indicating that transformation of coronavirus into a pandemic will have important results for humanity, President of the Gezici Polling Agency, Murat Gezici who evaluated the situation which the virus will cause said that:

“It is seen that this epidemic will bring along radical transformations both politically, socially and economically. Covid-19 pandemic will lead to focus more on to social policies in liberal Western countries. Cryptocurrencies will receive more presence in social debates in the coming days. Job definition and the organic solidarity that emerges accordingly will bring along important and radical changes. New political voter behaviors will emerge around the concepts like 5G, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0.”


Translated  by Gökcen Başak Doğan

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