“8% of Turkey’s population is suspect” announced Supreme Court President

İsmail Rüştü Cirit, President of the Supreme Court of Turkey, stated “According to the criminal record statistics of 2016, there is approximately 6 million 900 suspects among a population of approximately 80 million in Turkey, which means 8% of the population in Turkey are constituted by suspects; investigations have been carried out about them”, during a symposium held by Law Faculty of Okan University.

Cirit continued grounding his remark with statistics, “According to the data from 2016, more than 2 million 900 of the suspects have been given decision of non-prosecution. 2,5 million of them have been given the decision of prosecution and put on trial; 1 million of them have received fine or prison sentence. On the other hand, there has not been taken any legal action against approximately 800 thousand of them for reasons such as disability and lack of competence.”

During his speech he also made a remark on the heavy workload of courts in Turkey, stating that it is one of the primary structural errors of Turkish judicial system: “First instance courts of civil, criminal and administrative jurisdiction, regional judiciary courts and courts of appeals have been subject to heavy workload. Undoubtedly such structural errors are not ‘fate’ for Turkish citizens and Turkish jurisdiction. However, it is mandatory to take structural measures at this point, as numerous omissions over the past years and poor quality in judicial service have led us into such scene.”



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