8M18: International Women’s Day celebrated in Istanbul

Thousands of women in Istanbul have gathered for the 16th Feminist Night March despite rain and cold weather. Main slogans resonating on streets were “We will not keep silent, we are not afraid, we will not submit”, “Break the hand that beats women” and “Jin Jiyan Azadi”. The march has had a festive turn with drummers joining the chants.

Under State of Emergency Rule’s heavy security measures with police cordoning the Taksim Square and guarding streets leading to Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue, thousands of women have gathered on a rainy afternoon on March 8, for the Feminist Night March. For 16 years women have been gathering and marching on Istiklal Avenue in a festive spirit, marching for women’s rights and protesting against patriarchy, violence against women and gender inequality.

dokuz8NEWS correspondents Serpil Ağtoprak, İrem Afşin, Zale Karademir, Soner Karabulut, Arif İyidoğan, Süha Küçük and Gürkan Özturan have followed the march proceeding from its start.

Feminist Night March’s first steps were on the Ferry


Women gathered in front of the French Cultural Centre

Mothers for Peace also participated the Feminist Night March

Thousands of women have gathered on Istiklal Avenue

Women have filled the Istiklal Avenue

“We are not afraid, we will not keep silent, we will not submit!”

Istiklal Avenue was blocked during the night due to abundant participation to Feminist Night March in Istanbul

Thousands of women chanted slogans against gendered-violence and increasing harassment during 16th Feminist Night March.


Feminist Night March 2018

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