Alternative Media & Citizen Journalism Active Followers’ Perception Research in Turkey 2016

The state of mainstream media in Turkey leads alternative media to be a more important source of receiving news. Following the development of citizen journalism as a tool of better expression of social opposition becomes more important day by day in the academic and practical debates.

Mainly on social media, when the role of the citizen journalist is taken into consideration, it is observed that this channel has begun to constitute its own ground, organized its dynamics through different argumentations of the followers. Informal debates and formal workshops conducted during the foundation of Dokuz8 Haber Agency Network with many citizen journalism platforms at various times gave us hints that practical examples of citizen journalism are so transformative and dynamic. During those debates conducted in the conceptual and experiential levels on a qualitative base, we have realised that there is a further need to understand the profile of active followers of those networks and how they perceive the platforms through their usage habits.

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