CHP deputy Yüceer’s law proposal for the disabled people

Main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP Tekirdağ deputy Candan Yüceer submitted a law proposal to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey which predicts amendment in the “Labor Law” to increase the participation of disabled people in employment.

CHP Tekirdağ deputy Canan Yüceer stated that the draft bill submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, shows that the disabled citizens have to struggle with many problems including discrimination. Yüceer added “our disabled individuals are almost excluded from working life, they have been not employed and can not benefit the right to employment.”

Yüceer stressed out “the most rational way for our disabled individuals to live in dignity and independence without needing anybody is providing them the opportunity to enter the business life.” Reminding that there is an emphasis on the social state in Turkey’s constitution, Yüceer stated that disabled individuals should actively participate in working life.


Yüceer stated “disabled individuals are excluded from social life” in the proposal, and their participation in working life would enable the integration of disabled individuals into the society. Underlining the importance of regular income and work, Yüceer said “for individuals to survive physically and socially, it often depends on having a job where they can earn enough income.”

Yüceer, who wants a change in the Labor Law in order to enable people with disabilities to participate more actively in the working life, stressed that the existing disabled quotas are insufficent. Yüceer also added “with the increase of the minimum employment rate of employed disabled individuals in the public and private sectors applied by the Labor Law, it is considered that the positive discrimination clause in the Constitution will be emphasized much stronger and this practice will encourage the employment of the disabled.”


CHP’s Yüceer -by stating that in both public and private sector the currently disabled employment is inadequate- offered to increase the employment of disabled individuals.

In the law proposal, Yüceer stated, “by amending the Article 30 of the Law No. 4857, it is aimed to increase the employment of the disabled people by increasing the obligation of employing disabled people, employing fifty or more workers in private sector workplaces from three percent to five percent and increasing the employment requirement of disabled people from four percent to six percent in public workplaces.”

Translated by Atakan Hüyük