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CHP’s Municipal Elections Manifesto: “Remedy Municipalism”


Main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP has announced the election manifesto for upcoming March 31, Municipal Elections. The party has proposed “Remedy Municipalism” as the most basic answer to needs & demands among voters ahead of  elections. Previously governing AKP had also announced an election manifesto touching upon similar problems.


1- Tolerant & Respectful Cities

We want municipalities that are respectful of our citizens’ life styles, values & identities, as well as tolerant and never casting out anyone.

2- Rightful Cities

We want the profits generated in cities not to end up in pockets of a handful of politicians or cronies but rightful distribution among all citizens.

3- Accountable Transparent Cities

We want cities where municipalities announce all the funds spent, and to be accountable for every funds generated through citizens’ taxes.

4- Poverty-defeating Cities

We want cities where poverty, hunger and unemployment no longer exists and no children to go to bed hungry.

5- Producing & Employing Cities

We want cities that do not consume & waste but instead promote our people for productive skillful labour opportunities.

6- Innovative Smart Cities

We want municipalities that adopt innovative and smart technological solutions into cities’ nature & cultural heritage.

7- Cities Overcoming Transport & Infrastructure Troubles

We want to lower citizens’ time spent in traffic and decrease cost of transportation through effective, innovative, alternative models.

8- Breathing Cities

We do not want to suffocate in forests of concrete, instead want cities that offer our children parks, green areas, planned, clean urban spaces.

9- Cities of Social Justice

We want social welfare & affirmative action for all disadvantaged citizens, primarily for the poor, disabled and elderly, to offer them a life that is worthy of human dignity.

10- Cities that Develop Culture & Arts

We want residents of our cities to be able to access cultural & artistic activities, sports events easily.

11- Environment-friendly Green Cities

We not only want rights of human residents of our cities but all living beings’. 

12- Happy & Smiling Cities

We want happy & peaceful cities for all our citizens from pensioners to the workers, officers, shopkeepers, industrialists, farmers, students and everyone else.

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