Continuation of arrest decision given for #HungerStrike educator Gülmen

Nuriye Gulmen illustration by Tarık Tolunay
The fifth hearing in hunger strike educators’ Nuriye Gelmen & Semih Özakça’s trial has taken place in Ankara Sincan Prison Courthouse today. On day 264 of the hunger strike, prosecution has asked for release of Nuriye Gülmen from Prison. Court has rejected the release request from prosecution.
The two educators had been dismissed from their work in the aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt in 2016, upon which they had started a resisting demanding reinstatement to their jobs.

On the 5th hearing of the trial, Semih Özakça participated personally while Nuriye Gülmen was connected through video-conference from hospital.

In the previous hearing, Gülmen had announced she would not give a defending testimony through video-conference and wished to be personally present in the courtroom.

Prosecutor announced consideration at the beginning of the trial hearing and requested release of Nuriye Gülmen from prison as she does not pose any threat of fleeing or spoliation of evidence. Court has gathered for an interim decision in the trial at 3.10 pm and announced a rejection of release request at 5 pm.

Observers to the hearing have reported that riot police and water cannons have been stationed outside the Sincan Prison Courthouse in Ankara.

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