Demirtaş to Supreme Court: ‘Why do you not see what coup plotter soldiers have done to Sur and Cizre?’

Former Co-Chair of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş made statements on his social media account. Demirtaş announced that he wanted to make some contributions to Supreme Court’s decision on Academics for Peace, by giving a political reminder.

Demirtaş’s statements on Twitter as follows;

“Hello. I hope, you are all right; we are fine as always. I wanted to contribute by giving a political reminder as Supreme Court’s decision on Academics for Peace is being discussed around.

While – the subject of the decision-  ditch/barricade operations were going on, I would also state several times that some of the security units were using excessive force and directly targeting civillians. Of course, we made a lot of efforts to not be a part of that crime and also to stop it.

Back then those who did not know about the background and the details of what happened continue to say the security forces were blamed unjustly and in this way a ‘terrorism propaganda’ is being done.

Let’s take a look at the commanders who gave the orders people are protecting and wholehartedly defending and where are they now:

  • 2nd Army Commander General Adem Huduti who took part in the operations conducted in Cizre and Sur: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt.
  • 2nd Army Chief of Staff Major General Avni Argun: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • Yüksekova 3rd Tactical infantry division commander Major General Halil İbrahim Ergin: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • Şemdinli 34th Border Brigade Commander Brigadier General Ali Salnur: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • Yüksekova 3rd Infantry Division Executive Officer Colonel Mehmet Sezgin: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • Şırnak 23rd Military Police Border Division Commander Major General Abdullah Baysar: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • Şırnak Çakırsöğüt Military Police Commando Brigade Commander General Ali Osman Gürcan: Arrested as part of the July 15 coup attempt
  • General Semih Terzi: Killed in July 15 coup attempt.

Also it seems that Devlet Bahçeli had also realized the situation later on, thus he felt like he had to give a statement about this issue as the following: ‘When the incidents in SOUTHEAST began, I immediately told them to declare state of siege. But later on I saw that it was a good thing for them that they did not listen to me. Because, back then we were saying those commanders were fighting with terror but as it turns out, they were planning a coup. It would have been a disaster if they had the state of siege authority under their hands. Devlet Bahçeli’s interview with Ertuğrul Özkök that was published on 13 September 2018.’

You believe these coup plotter soldiers ordered to bomb the Turkish Grand National Assembly and kill hundreds of civillians, why do you not believe that they would not have ordered to kill not even a single civil in Sur and Cizre?

Now those ‘1066 academicians’ who signed against Supreme Court decision do not defend these coup plotter soldiers and their crimes, right? (1071 signature number was the goal but they could only reach 1066, and it is the year when Alparslan did not even think about coming to Malazgirt and forming an alliance with Kurds.)

Who knows, maybe some day in the future a prosecutor comes up (and I hope it does not happen), opens an investigation about supporting coup plotters. But regardlass, they have gone down under the history in a shameful way already.

If they are still not convinced; I will be reminding them of Taybet İnan, Cemile Çağırga, Sévé Demir, Pakize Nayır, Fatma Uyar, Aziz Yural and many other dozens of civils.

I’m sending you all my love and compliments.”