29 Kasım 2020, Pazar
Ana Sayfa EN DISK-Ar: Unemployment Increased by 1 Million, Employment Dropped by 770.000

DISK-Ar: Unemployment Increased by 1 Million, Employment Dropped by 770.000

According to data from September 2019 Unemployment and Employment Report carried out by the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions Research Center (DİSK-AR); broadly described unemployment for the past June has increased to 6 million 988 thousand people compared to 5 million 952 thousand people last year June.

DİSK-AR’s September 2019 Unemployment and Employment Report reviews TÜİK’s June 2019 Household Workforce Survey, SGK June 2019 and İŞ-KUR June 2019 data together and shows that the rise in unemployment is still going on and the employment numbers are shrinking.  In June 2018, the narrow-defined unemployment number without filtering out weather effects is 3 million and 315 thousand, while in June 2019, this number has increased by 938 thousand to total of 4 million and 233 thousand. Therefore, unemployment rate without filtering the weather effects has risen 2,8 from 10,2 points rate of the last year’s same month to 13 points this year.


Another sign of unemployment is the ongoing rise in the applications for unemployment coverage. According to the İŞKUR data, 1 million 345 thousand people applied for unemployment coverage between January-July 2019. This means that during this era 1 million 345 thousand people became unemployed.  Applications for unemployment coverage allowance had a significant jump in July 2019.   Allowance applications in June 2019 rose from 144 thousand to 326 thousand in July 2019.


In the data given the report; non-agricultural young women unemployment rate increased from 29,9 in June 2018 to 35,5 percent. In the light of this information, non-agricultural young women unemployment which almost made it to 20 percent was determined to be the highest unemployment demographic.


Social Security Institution (SGK), started to reveal the insured statistics they haven’t been sharing since August 2019. According to the latest June 2019 SGK insured numbers, active insured worker number under 4-A in June 2018 was 16 million 495 and this number went down by 308 thousand in 1 year to 16 million 187 in June 2019.


In the statement made DİSK-AR; employment was narrowed down by 769.000 and the following was added:

“Economic crisis and industrial production with growth in shrinkage goes parallel with ongoing shrinkage in employment. Thus, not only the unemployment increases, but also there is a huge shrinkage in employment as well. In June 2018, weather effect filtered employment numbers were 28 million 752, but it regressed by 796 thousand people and now in June 2019, this number is 27 million 983.”

Translated by Demet Demir

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