Leader of the Nationalist Movement Party MHP, Devlet Bahçeli has announced “we have no expectations or willingness to be involved in an alliance regarding the March 31, 2019 municipal elections any longer.”

The Presidential Alliance’s two main parties governing Justice & Development Party AKP and government ally MHP have been in disagreement regarding multiple issues. MHP leader Bahçeli has taken the stage on his party’s weekly parliamentary group meeting and announced the end of alliance.
Contested issues between MHP and AKP
Bahçeli commented on the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul, “it is unclear with whose order he has been killed but all signifiers point to the crown prince.” Bahçeli continued his speech “it is carelessness to talk about faith and then be obsessed about fame. Islamic nations have detached from morality & justice and they are stuck in degeneration. How far can they reign with despotic regimes?”
Bahçeli also spoke on the proposed amnesty bill, “state only exists if there is traditional law; it means the power of state. What we have ever said is in line with this, it is part of the spirit of justice. The bill we have proposed in the parliament on September 24 is not an amnesty, it consists of 7 articles and on article 3 we made it clear which crimes we have taken out of its scope. We are still behind our proposal, there is no step back. We have put emphasis on an issue that is about to turn cangrenous.”
Student Oath has also marked its significance in Bahçeli’s speech, “we are Turks and Turkists. The student oath has been born of the roots of this nation to illuminate the path for future generations. State Council has thrown away a bad memory of the [Kurdish] Peace Process. They [AKP] now say the State Council has ruled against the constitution, how can they lose consciousness like this? Those who do not criticize the Pastor Brunson case, are now rising up to criticize State Council’s ruling. Putting Turkishness against Islam is treason.”
“No need to extend a chronic process”
Finally, Bahçeli has bruoght up the alliance between governing AKP and MHP, “no alliance can stand long with rejection of one side, forcing that side to step back, with ignoring their proposals. No alliance can continue with reminding of parties’ positions or playing for the time. It is high time to end the discussions regarding delegations meeting or not. There is no point in extending the chronic process. We have no expectations or willingness for an alliance any longer. We are not like others, we are the MHP. We can no longer continue the enforced meetings as they are no longer fruitful. There is no need to waste time, deceive the nation and play with their feelings. We are the ones to draw our own path. We will enter the municipal elections with our own candidates in all regions of Turkey with our own emblem, we will continue our democratic struggle. If MHP withdraws from the alliance the AKP would have a hard time; they would have to find new partners for each specific bill”.
AKP’s response vocalised by Erdoğan
AKP chair & President Erdoğan has responded to Bahçeli’s statement that there is no longer need or willingness for an alliance, “AKP and MHP are two different parties. It has become obvious that we think differently concerning some issues such as amnesty, pensioners etc. We would not even consider being impolite to anyone personally. We have seen that the amnesty proposal contains some parts that would disturb the nation. State can pardon the crimes commited against herself but it is not possible to consider drug barons and their dealers as part of this. Who are we to consider a prisoner of destiny? Are they children? If we are to release a murderer from prison how will we explain this to the family of the victim? If MHP says they want to draw their own path, so be it; we also say then all should go their way.”