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Ana Sayfa EN Elections Governing AKP's Election Manifesto has been Announced

Governing AKP’s Election Manifesto has been Announced

Governing Justice & Development Party AKP chair and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced the 11 article election manifesto for the upcoming March 31, 2019 municipal elections.

Governing AKP has officially started municipal elections agenda for March 31, 2019 with the motto, “Work for the Motherland, Work for the Hearts”. AKP chair & President Erdoğan has announced the 11 articles of Election Manifesto, laying out the strategy of AKP municipalities in the coming 5 years, in line with the party’s vision for 2023, the centennial of the Republic of Turkey. Main opposition CHP has also announced its election manifesto ahead of upcoming Municipal Elections on March 31.

1- Urban Planning

“We will consider long term needs. Urban planning and construction projects will be conducted transparently”

2- Infrastructure & Transportation

“Our cities are incomplete unless infrastructure and transportation issues are resolved”

3- Urban Regeneration

“We will develop our cities to avoid earthquake risks as well as illegal housing. Urban regeneration plans for districts will be initiated. Instead of uniform structures, urban regeneration will be based on the needs of citizens & region.”

4- Unique Cities

“Appropriate development models for each city will be prepared based on local geographic, historic and social structure of the cities. Authentic characteristics of our cities will be strenghtened and protected. We will establish cities that answer the needs of today, rather than being copies of others. We will be creating places that are connected to everyone.”

5- Smart Cities

“We will open new horizons in terms of urbanization. We will make use of the technological opportunities, especially local solutions to be integrated to city services. We will not let Turkey lag behind in tech-race.”

6- Environment-Friendly Cities

“We will enable living a life in coherence with what our God has trusted us. We will expand National Gardens where you will be able to become part of social and cultural activities.”

7- Social Municipalism

“All our services will be designed also for reaching the oppressed, our youth, our elders and our disabled and children. We will expand the institution of family, and set priority for our institutions. We will continue bringing women and youth centers, cultural centers, elderly and disabled centers to even the smallest towns.”

8- Horizontal Cities

“We will develop our cities to have more access to land, closer to the earth, that keeps neighbourly connections alive, based on horizontal architecture. We will prioritize this in areas that we open for construction.”

9- Production with People

“We will consult to the people in grand projects that concern people’s lives. We will draft a ‘Right to the City’ manifesto. In city councils where all residents of a city will participate, we will take decisions through common-sense. We will hold municipal tenderings completely transparent, including live-broadcast.”

10- Savings & Transparency

“Whatever the source may be, we will never forget that every single coin that enters municipal budget belongs to everyone. We will first throughly evaluate the necessity of spendings and then take a step. We will take our steps before the eyes of our nation, all documents will be open to public. We will have no mercy for anyone that acts against the laws.”

11- Cities of Added Value

“We will make sure our cities are transferred to future generations not with profits through property but culture, arts, civilization.”

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