Jerusalem Rally got intervened in Istanbul

Jerusalem Rally, Istanbul
Jerusalem Rally that had been announced by youth groups in Istanbul was intervened by police and dozens were detained. Youth groups read out a press statement defying US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
On Saturday evening there was planned a “Jerusalem Rally” in Istanbul’s Kadıköy at Ayvalıtaş Park, which was announced as “unpermitted and would not be allowed” by police.
Police forces that outnumbered the protestors had surrounded the Ayvalıtaş Park and presented an image that no-one would get out of the square if the protestors did not comply with the orders.
Police representatives stated that this is an illegal assembly to which protestors responded that their rights were assured by the President who had said that none of the constitutional rights would be limited under the State of Emergency Rule.
Police announced that a press statement would be allowed but a rally would not be, as it was not a “walking path” between Kadıköy’s Ayvalıtaş Park and Süreya Opera House on Bahariye Avenue.
Members of the progressive youth groups took a decision to move the press statement to final destination and walked to Süreya Opera House, formed the press statement stand and read out their messages against US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
By the end of the press statement, members of the youth groups started running towards the police shouting slogans, provoking an intervention. Special-ops squads and riot police started shooting rubber bullets and spraying gas. Dozens have been detained at the intervention, including several journalists.
Reporters who were filming the police intervention were also subjected to intervention and numerous journalists’ cameras were pushed down by undercover policemen.

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