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Ana Sayfa EN Media Our eyes are on you - RTÜK warns Netflix over 'Love 101'

Our eyes are on you – RTÜK warns Netflix over ‘Love 101’

With online streaming services now falling within the purview of RTÜK, the broadcast watchdog’s President Abu Bakr Şahin has issued a warning to Netflix over its forthcoming high-school drama series, ‘Love 101’.

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) President Abu Bakr Şahin, has issued a warning to Netflix Turkey ahead of the release of its new teen-drama series Aşk 101 (Love 101). Şahin warned, “We are observing them closely. We cannot overlook the content of publications that may negatively affect the physical and mental development of children and young people. Our red lines are obvious. As RTÜK management, we are determined not to clear any content that would disturb our society.”


The Netflix series depicts a group of teenagers in the year 1998 and timeline continues to contemporary time. The youngsters according to the story line attempt to get one of their teachers to fall in love with the new basketball coach. On social media, when the series was first announced, one of the characters had been claimed to have LGBTI+ identity, which sparked RTÜK’s reaction.


Şahin continued:

“After the task of editing and controlling online on-demand content was given to our Supreme Board, we quickly completed the regulatory framework, and licensing processes are progressing. In this context, we came together with both domestic and international media streaming platforms, and conveyed to them our expectations and red lines. We do not have communication problems with international and domestic brands. We also incorporated our audit mechanisms. Experts in our Monitoring and Evaluation Department closely monitor the field of on-demand media content, alongside other media platforms. As is our duty, our eyes are on them. If necessary, we warn them orally first. We have seen that they take into account the issues we raise, which are then addressed. As part of this process, we meticulously monitor the latest discussion in the public sphere, especially on social media. In this case, we made the necessary contact with the relevant platform managers, and issued warnings. In their statement on social media, they suggested that the claims about the series’ characters were unfounded. Otherwise, our feeling on this matter is clearly understood.”


“We, as RTÜK, emphasize that we will not tolerate broadcast content that is contrary to the national and spiritual values of our society,” said RTÜK’s President, “We cannot overlook the content of publications that may negatively affect the physical and mental development of children and young people. Our red lines are clear. We act with the authority we receive from our relevant law, which is revealed by the will of the nation. As RTÜK management, we are determined not to clear any content that would disturb our society.”


‘Regulation on the Presentation of Radio, Television and Optional Publications from the Internet’ was published in the Resmi Gazete (Official Gazette) in August 2019. Under this legislation, online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Puhu TV and BluTV are subject to regulation by RTÜK.


Translated by Richard James

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