Ministry of Health: Declare state of emergency for yourselves for 2-3 weeks and do not leave the house

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca stated that in 2-3 weeks time the spread of the coronavirus may peak in Turkey. He also stated that there is no need to declare a state of emergency across the country, “You declare your personal state of emergency and take your precaution.”

The columnist of Hürriyet Abdülkadir Selvi wrote yesterday on his column that he made an interview with the Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca.

Fahrettin Koca said  in the interview that “Anyone can get tested, but it will be done at the test centers with the referral of the doctors. We will increase the extent of the tests and test centers across Turkey. But for the moment being each citizen should declare State of Emergency for themselves and stay at home for a couple of weeks or a bit more.”


“We need to hang in there for two-three weeks.” Fahrettin Koca said and continued:

“If there are symptoms then the test is going to be done. For instance, there are some people in China who had a negative test result, had a positive result afterwards; just like late General Aytaç. Let’s say you will get a negative test result and say ‘I do not have it’ and act relaxed. But in fact the test result can be misleading and you can infect the people around you. That’s why they say that the test should be done again after 3 days, the second test can be positive. As a result, our doctors are going to retest the people who had a negative result three days after the first test. In the meantime, imagine you have been around since you do not have the coronavirus; that is also a big risk. This is what we are trying to prevent. In this direction, everyone should isolate themselves even they do not have coronavirus symptoms. People ask for round-the-clock curfew and state of emergency. Why should we declare state of emergency? Everyone should declare a state of emergency for themselves, there is no obstacle to this. The harder we can stand, the more we may overcome and prevent it from spreading. We need to hang in there for two-three weeks.


Minister Koca’s responses to Selvi’s questions are as follows:

“ I guess you are going to apply a model in between South Korea’s and England’s models”

“ We are creating our own model.”

“ Are you supporting England’s model?”

“ No, I do not embark on it”

“ If you do not embark on England’s model then this means your model tends to make more tests. What do you plan for this model?

“It is known that in China where there are people who had negative results at first then had positive test results. This is how the virus spread. We have also seen a case that; first, there was a positive result, three or four days later the second test was done and the result was negative. And the third test was done seven-ten days later and the result was positive again. The close circle of this person was also tested and had positive test results.”

“There are also different opinions regarding the duration of the virus in the air.”

“It’s scientifically reported in China that they could not determine the period of time the virus can hang in the air. Some say, there need to be three-four footsteps between people, some say two meters insistently. But it should be at least one meter. As long as someone does not sneeze on your face, one-meter distance is enough. Apart from that, the virus spread mostly by hand contact; when you touch your face, mouth or nose with infected hands.”

“The president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan indicated that we should grit our teeth for two-three weeks. Do you have a special calendar for this time period?”

“Two-three weeks can be the peak point. That’s why people need to be careful for 2-3 weeks and do not leave the house.”

“Since it is the critical stage?”

“Yes. People ask if the state of emergency will be declared. There is no need for a state of emergency. Declare state of emergency for yourselves for 2-3 weeks and do not leave the house, be prepared.”

“You have mentioned the period of incubation, is the incubation period stays within the 14 days period?”

“The exact result is reached in 14 days, in that period the case goes out to the surface. For that reason, the most important thing is to wash our hands. The hands should be washed every couple of hours, I do it myself.”

Translated by Derya Özkaynak

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