Mufti employee, who sent false coronavirus messages to 10,000 people, was arrested

A.T., an officer at the Çukurova District Muftiate, has been found to have sent unfounded coronavirus messages to approximately 10,000 people in Adana and was arrested after being detained.

In Adana, the officer who was found to have sent text messages saying “The results of your test have been positive” to the mobile phones of press and citizens has been arrested.

Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation the day before yesterday after discovering that a text message of “Mr. K.K.A., the results of your tests have been positive. You have to see Dr. S.D. at the laboratory on the first floor of Adana City Hospital” was sent to some press organizations and citizens from the phone number 0850 302 22 36.


Adana Police Department Security Branch Directorate teams tried to find out whether the message was true based on the phone number from which the message was sent. As a result of the investigation conducted, it was determined that the message was false. A.T., an officer at the Çukurova District Muftiate who was identified as the sender, has been detained.


An administrative investigation was initiated by the Çukurova District Governorate about the suspect who was brought to the police station and questioned. Meanwhile, it was asserted that the suspect had sent messages to about 10,000 people.

During the first statement of the suspect, it was learned that he intended to prank his friend, but the SMS was sent to everyone in his contacts accidentally. A.T., who was sent to the court on duty following his statement, has been arrested on the charge of “incitement to hatred and hostility or humiliation; threatening with the aim of creating fear and panic in public”.

Translated by Sanem Alıçlı

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