CHP’s metropolitan mayors Ekrem İmamoğlu and Mansur Yavaş attended an online webinar organized by IYI Party. The two mayors criticized lack of transparency concerning Covid-19 management under AKP government, “the ministry’s numbers do not reflect the reality. Our concern is transparency; we previously announced numbers but they are now restricted.”

“At the moment the numbers we see in Istanbul are almost the same exact numbers announced for the whole of Turkey; what about the other provinces then? Are they announcing only one city’s daily numbers?”
“Hereby we open a new discussion; which we do not really intend to but we must. I see the numbers myself, we submit them to politicians too but any political figure raising up this issue is getting declared ‘traitor’ by the government.”
“What are you trying to hide? Municipalities are able to see the actual numbers… Directorate of Cemeteries are part of the municipalities and we see the cause of death. Pandemic process must be handled above political discussions. This is a matter of public health.”
“As municipalities we wanted to install PCR scanning across the cities, but we were restricted. Then police was authorized to conduct this process. They want to start arguing in front of the people, they are trying to draw us into a conflict but we will remain outside of conflicts.”
“In Ankara alone there have died 563 people so far; let’s establish an investigative commission in the Parliament and ask for daily death toll in Adana, Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara mayors, let’s see then what the numbers look like. What is the good in announcing lowered numbers? In fact, the numbers could be even exaggerated to allow the people understand the gravity of the danger otherwise they will neven give up on mass events and we will never be able to get over this.”
“For years they have been propagating ‘if we leave the opposition would not even be able to herd the flock of 3 sheep.’ But the contrary has happened; if it was not for the municipalities taken over by CHP, the government would have been unable to manage the pandemic; they were even unable to distribute masks.”

Derya Özkaynak