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Ana Sayfa EN Profiting from coronavirus: Private Hospitals in Turkey

Profiting from coronavirus: Private Hospitals in Turkey

It has been revealed that some private hospitals which are declared as “pandemic hospitals” by the Ministry of Health demanded exorbitant prices from coronavirus patients under cover of the daily bed charges.

According to the circular published by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, conveniences such as refunding of the bed charges, medicines have been used in the treatment process are provided to the hospitals which treat the coronavirus patients. However, according to this circular, some private hospitals have billed coronavirus patients high and sold beds with astronomical fees for new coronavirus patients.

Here the easy practices in coronavirus treatment which have been implemented by the state for private hospitals announced as pandemic hospitals:

Code Process Name  Process Score Purchase of Process
510010 Standard tariff of bed 55,65 33,00
510090 Intensive Care Unit 192,92 114,4
510021 Service of pandemic care 1.124,35 666,74
704942 Supply and treatment of immune plasma 1.318,07 781,62
P551990 Service of pandemic care (for the first step of intense care) 370,99 220,00
P551991 Service of pandemic care (for the second step of intense care) 788,36 467,5
P551992 Service of pandemic care (for the third step of intense care 1.485,00 880,61
P552001 Patient of the first step intense care 370,99 220,00
P552002 Patient of the second step intense care 788,36 467,50
P552003 Patient of the third step intense care 1.485,00 880,61

Information note:

  • In addition to daily paid bed charge, 666,74 TL will be paid per day for service patients.
  • Due to the step, double payments will be made in the intensive care units.
  • Service of the supply and treatment of plasma has been added.
  • The medicine of ACTEMRA will be paid as addition to package of intensive care units.


5 private hospitals which were called by dokuz8NEWS, demanded 2,400 TL [€325] as the lowest and 4,000 TL [€542] as the highest daily cost of care for one coronavirus patient. While among these private hospitals only one bed was available; the hospitalization services of the rest of the five hospitals stated that they do not have enough bed capacity for coronavirus treatment and individuals are can be added to the waiting list only if they accept the offered price.


Upon our news center editors reminding hospital personnel about the statements of Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca and the circular of Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, hospitalization services of 5 hospitals did not give any positive response for treatment free of charge.

One of the representatives from hospitals said “We did not receive such an information. Standard daily bed fee of our hospitals is 4,000 TL” while another representative found out that “The circular can just afford some of medication and hospitalization, it is below our treatment prices.”


The treatment process for coronavirus in bed covers a period of at least two weeks in hospital. During this process, citizens who are healed in private hospitals have been billed heavily. In the previous days, a citizen was treated in a private hospital in Istanbul and was billed 80.000 TL [€10,856]. Similarly, when a patient went to a private hospital after testing positive for coronavirus, they learnt that the completion of treatment will cost 60.000 TL [€8,142] and has aborted the treatment, returned home.

Translated by Ebrar Başyiğit

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