4 Aralık 2020, Cuma
Ana Sayfa EN Elections Supreme Electoral Board announced reasons for moving ballot boxes

Supreme Electoral Board announced reasons for moving ballot boxes

Supreme Electoral Board SEB has announced the reasons for moving of ballot boxes in multiple cities. Among the cited reasons are opening of a banner in 1986, or villagers chasing after a horse. In Şanlıurfa’s Suruç where last elections took place in shadow of bloodshed, “security” has been the main reason.

With a directive on March 6, 2019 the SEB has decided to move 973 ballot boxes and registration of 96.000 voters for various reasons. According to news article by Mehmet Şah Oruç of Mesopotamia Agency, there are multiple reasons for moving ballot boxes.


Ballot box 1289 that has 13 voters in Ağrı’s Tellisırt Village, “there was propaganda efforts for terrorism in 1995 and 2 people were detained in Sarıtaş Village.”


In Bingöl’s Karlıova at Çiftlik Village ballot box number 1026 was moved to Mollaşakir Village for 59 voters due to “suspects in Karlıova chasing after a horse in the village and one person got wounded during the fight that followed.”


Tunceli’s Dilek Village saw moving of ballot box 1099 for 38 voters due to risk of PKK action as well as illegal construction in 2015 and 1998’s landmine incident.


Ballot box 1126 of 12 voters in Tunceli’s Taht Village has been moved to Ali Koç B Küme Houses due to a banner that was put up in the village on September 7, 1986 which was cited as “risk of spreading terrorism.” In Tunceli’s Ovacık at Tatuşa Village at ballot box 1075 the reason has been cited as the banner incident of May 22, 2012.


In Şanlıurfa’s Suruç where guns had come out during June 2018 elections between AKP parliamentary nominee’s relatives and local residents, ballot box 1151 has been moved due to “close race between parties and possibility of terrorists having pressure over voters.”


One of the reasons cited for moving ballot boxes has been “there is no terror activities but still it is significant to move the ballot box 1036 as there might be terror activities on the way to the village” for Bingöl’s Karlıova at Harmantepe Village.

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