7 Mart 2021, Pazar
Ana Sayfa EN Suspicions grow in the announced numbers of Covid-19 cases in Turkey

Suspicions grow in the announced numbers of Covid-19 cases in Turkey

The numbers announced in Turkey with regards to the impact of coronavirus outbreak has been subject of discussion among general public and civil society. Various organizations are considering the numbers announced by Ministry of Health to be misleading.

The Ministry of Health holds a central position in terms of struggle against the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and its impact in Turkey. The announced numbers do not specify the geospecific statistics, causing speculation and raising suspicions.

However, there has been no specific information to confirm those suspicions since the first case was reported. On March 28, Saturday the ministry announced that 16 citizens lost their lives in Turkey while Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Cemeteries Directorate announced death of 21 people due to Covid-19.


While the 21 deaths listed in Istanbul raised questions of whether the actual death toll for the day across Turkey was over 40, the Director of Cemeteries, Ayhan Koç announced that the numbers were mistakenly put on the website and the ministry’s numbers were correct.


Istanbul Medical Association made a statement that the official numbers announced by the Ministry of Health do not reflect the total reality in the country.

“Due to late resulting of the tests and high percentage of fake-negative cases, many patients start receiving Covid-19 treatment after diagnosis through computer tomography, however never appear in the official records.”

The medical association draws attention to cases where there are deaths without receiving test results, who also go unreported in the official records.

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