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Turkey Elections Map of March 31 Based on Provinces and Districts

1,5 months after the municipal elections held in Turkey, extraordinary objections are still not fully answered by Supreme Election Council, while repeat of elections have been declared for a number of towns and cities including Europe’s largest city, Istanbul. Due to the governing Justice & Development Party AKP’s failure to recognize the election defeat, SEC has been put under political pressure in cities where the results were close and even AKP supporters have been raising critical voices to the situation.

March 31, 2019 municipal elections has resulted in AKP’s defeat in Istanbul and Ankara after 25 years of governance, as well as in many Kurdish cities where trustees had been appointed. Moreover, in many cities on the coast of Mediterranean Sea including Adana, Mersin, Antalya, Hatay and Muğla, municipalities have changed hands from the governing Presidential Alliance to the opposition. The winner of Presidential Alliance has also been recorded as the alliance partner Nationalist Movement Party MHP as it has won multiple municipalities from AKP in cities where both have entered the elections separately. As a result, AKP has lost 62 municipalities but in 3 of them elections will be repeated.

At the provincial level, the Municipal Map of Turkey shows an AKP dominance despite losses:


However once the district maps are taken into consideration, the map shows a more varied color scheme:



The District Municipalities Map has two significant points. First of all, in Denizli’s Honaz, Kırıkkale’s Keskin and Artvin’s Yusufeli the municipal elections of March 31 have been cancelled and will be repeated on June 2. For that reason these districts have been marked white.

Secondly, the map shows the results of corrections that followed objections from parties which led to re-count processes. As a result, in some districts despite some of the candidates not being granted their mandate to govern for various reasons -such as having been dismissed from a public office under State of Emergency Rule, or having been sentenced to prison term, etc.- the map shows the party colors depending on voters’ choice. This means in cities where SEC has decided to award the mandate to the second-comer after the elections, these cities and towns have not been marked with the colors of the party that governs the city, but the colors of the party that has won the municipal elections in these places.


At a first glance to the maps, it can be seen that AKP has more municipalities than all other parties however compared to the previous municipal elections both Republican People’s Party CHP and government ally MHP have expanded their area of impact on the maps. AKP’s dominance in Central Anatolia region seems to have been weakened as a result of the opposition alliances in the elections.

Another significant aspect of the maps is that despite MHP has strong presence in the districts of Adana and Mersin, the metropolitan municipalities have been won by CHP. The same is true for Ankara for AKP’s dominance in districts.

Especially in the District Municipalities Map, AKP’s undivided territory seems to have been disrupted.

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