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Turkey Elections Timeline set out by Supreme Electoral Board for 31 March 2019 Municipal Elections

As Turkey is heading for Municipal Elections on March 31, 2019, Supreme Electoral Board (SEB) has declared the election-timeline starting from January 1. 

SEB has set out the timeline of municipal elections on a schedule for a period of 90 days starting with the new year. 

January 1: Election period officially starts

January 2: SEB will announce the parties that can participate in the elections

January 4: Registered voter lists will be put up on community chief offices and citizens will be able to check their registration on SEB’s websites, www.ysk.gov.tr

January 10: Voter registration lists will be put down and checks on SEB website will be ended. Deadline for applications to vote at mobile-ballot-boxes for disabled, bed-ridden, chronically ill voters

January 27: SEB will hold a lottery to determine in which order the parties will appear on ballot lists

January 31: Ballot lists for voters will be determined. Political parties will deliver list of nominations to electoral offices

February 1: Number of members for provincial & municipal councils will be determined based on the population census as of December 31, 2018 for all towns, counties, cities & provinces. 

February 3: All parties will declare in which electoral zones they will hold primaries & consultations to determine candidates and notify the local electoral boards of this.

February 10: Primaries & consultations will be held

February 18: Provincial electoral boards will deliver approved lists of municipal candidates and approvals of primaries to political parties

February 19: Political parties will officially nominate candidates for municipal seats by delivering digital copies in DVD, flash disk, hard drive etc. and in paper format until 5 pm; independent candidates will hand in applications until 5 pm

February 21: Deadline for political parties to fill empty places in nominations lists

February 22: Temporary nominations list (including independents) will be announced locally at 8 am

February 28: Voter registration papers will be printed and start delivery

March 1: Rejections due to inspection or objection will be notified to the political parties; or in cases when nominees resign from the parties

March 2: Deadline for political parties to refill the empty nominations

March 3: Final candidate lists are put up including independents, by local electoral boards; printing of ballots will start and printed ballots will be delivered to local electoral boards as part of the designated plan

March 21: Starting of electoral bans and propaganda period

March 24: Voter information cards delivery to voters will be completed

March 29: Necessary equipment for villages and districts outside of city centers will be delivered to ballot box committee presidents

March 30: End of propaganda period

March 31: Voting starts at 7 am for Eastern Turkey and 8 am for Western Turkey; election bans end at midnight. 

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