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Understanding Guide for Minister of Interior from the Main Opposition CHP

The main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen has said “In a sense, we prepared chronologically ‘an understanding guidance for Süleyman Soylu” by stating that Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu has been acting and arguing in the exact opposite way that he did in the past. “How Süleyman Soylu evolved from yesterday to today and in what ways he has shaped; we revealed how he has been acting in the exact opposite position from the past for a ministerial seat and profiteering, and oppositely arguing particularly about media freedom, democracy, economic problems, the Kurdish conflict, freedom of expression and belief, thoughts about Gülenist Terrorist Organization FETÖ, his statements about the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Justice & Development Party AKP.”

CHP has prepared a report about Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, recently whose speeches and practices have often been the subject of discussion. CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen, who prepared the report, stated that he wanted to explain that how he managed to become a man of every era in politics by saying “Süleyman Soylu does not have a political ideology, a politically consistent way of thinking. He talks and acts accordingly whatever that beneficial to him on that day. So we wanted to show this to the public. We made an extensive archive search and wanted to explain the political life of Soylu, who was ‘tacky’ in his own words, and his turns and arguments. Because politics; should be purified from those who lie to the electorate, who do the opposite of what he said in the past, who think only about his own position, who change as the power focus changes and that who thinks the power of the state is his power. Turkey urgently needs it.”


The CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen has said “In a sense, we prepared chronologically ‘an understanding guidance for Süleyman Soylu” by stating that Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu has been acting and arguing in the exact opposite way that he did in the past. “How Süleyman Soylu evolved from yesterday to today and in what ways he shaped; we revealed how he has been acting in the exact opposite position from the past for seat and profiteering, and oppositely arguing particularly about media freedom, democracy, economic problems, the Kurdish conflict, freedom of expression and belief, thoughts about Gülenist Terrorist Organization FETÖ, his statements about the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Justice and Development Party AKP.”


February 17, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey is sitting on a time bomb and pin of the bomb is in the hands of the government party who does not know what are they doing. This bomb will explode and the nation will be damaged. The AKP has been spoiled more and more. They raising the tension more and more.”
March 20, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The government did not fulfill its duties. The state of the country is very bad. We see this also in education. Thousands of students have failed in the exams of Secondary Education Institutions Exams (OKS) and the others in Turkey. Even in the West, there are still classes of 70-80 students. What should the East do? There is no equal opportunity in education. I am traveling around Turkey and everyone is miserable.”
April 9, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: (about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) “He plays the imam during the day and the priest during the night. His belief in democracy is not sincere. He seeks help from former Prime Minister of Turkey Adnan Menderes and Celal Bayar when he is in trouble. He uses the EU and democracy for his own benefit. He moves forward by using poor people. But this nation is able to understand who is the imam during the day and priest at night.”
April 17, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “This party, which closed the municipalities today, is facing closure. You can not persecute anyone by saying we have received 47 percent of the vote. No one authorizes you to persecute. We are not in favor of the closure of municipalities but in favor of their development. As the world is democratizing and localizing, this government, unfortunately, tries to tie everything to a center.”
June 27, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The nation is beaten by the AKP. The claim for it, that they are keeping the separation of powers. Tell it to my hand.”
June 29, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “We, as leaders and members of political parties today, trying to save Turkey from the AKP. Why should I bother, the generals who made the 1980 revolution should deal with it and save Turkey if they are brave enough.”
July 1, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “We are absolutely against closing a political party”
July 8, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Universities were thrown to one side, non-governmental organizations to one side and the judiciary to one side. The AKP put a picture in front of the country in which people looked at each other with suspicion. The government hit democracy to the wall.”
July 14, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “On the one side there is a government that shapes Turkey altogether as a field of fire, but with an excuse of sorts, on the other side a nation that trying to take care of itself.”
August 24, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The government uses national values as political material. It is our duty to save Turkey from this government. Government has formed the country in foreign policy in a quiet and observer position.”
August 25, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The AKP has become like a real estate office. However, it is understood that while our nation is in financial difficulties, Turkey’s largest segments are in significant difficulties, some of the members of AKP had chances of finding additional income. (These words aimed to the Turkish Ambassador of the Netherlands Şaban Dişli) Such a scandal is enough to bring down the government in every other part of the world.”
August 25, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Tayyip Erdoğan often says ‘we are the center-right party’ by creating a picture with Adnan Menderes to his right side and Turgut Özal on his left and himself in the middle, that he is a democrat. Being a democrat does not suit you as ‘a child who wears his father’s jacket.”
August 26, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “We are trying to save Turkey from the AKP government which is the worst of all.”
August 27, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “We will show the ‘disrupter’ to the AKP. I call from here. Leave the AKP alone with its corruption, failure, incompetence, and insincerity. Let me tell you how they hit the nation’s will to the wall. Shame on you for your political games for the sake of a seat”
September 11, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Everyone needs freedom of the press and expression.”
September 15, 2008 Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey has become a country of the profiteers. Turkey is facing poverty.”
September 20, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Tayyip Erdoğan by his call for a boycott of some media outlets, he has clearly demonstrated his intentions to extinguish the democracy, the idea, the expression and freedom of expression in Turkey. The AKP is trying to turn the media into a monophonic, controlled, follower, attached media. Erdoğan by his call for a boycott of some media outlets, he has clearly demonstrated his intentions to extinguish democracy, the idea, the expression and freedom of expression in Turkey. Everyone needs freedom of speech and expression. Silencing the media with blackmail and the threatening atmosphere is the biggest attack on Turkish democracy.”
September 23, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The government put the country in the arms of corruption and poverty. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is an executioner of democracy.”
September 24, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “During the AKP period, the manufacturing industry and domestic production stopped. Agriculture has experienced the highest contraction in the last 40 years.”
October 13, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: The Prime Minister melted everything he touched like a spirit of salt.”
September 30, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “AKP is a party to launder corruption. Every day, the newly-opened corruption cases AKP party turned in to a laundering party in Turkey. The government has been brought Turkey in a face to face position with poverty, corruption, and policy of prohibition.”
November 3, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Corruption, poverty, unemployment became the destiny of this nation. There are concerns about Turkey’s unity, togetherness, and integrity in every corner of the country. The government changed Turkey’s settings.”
November 5, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey deals with a fake spring for 6 years.”
November 9, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Prime Minister, who challenges everyone, does not he ask Talabani and Barzani ‘how do these terrorist enter the border with weapons? The President will go arm in arm with Talabani in the US and then try to console ‘this terror will end.”
November 11, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The political party must first establish its own system very well. If it builds its inner system around one man, it turns into a power puzzle that the nation can give up. This becomes a game of power and enthusiasm. And the political party’s promises to the nation are not fulfilled. (Süleyman Soylu, gives the following response to the journalist about the subject ‘in the evaluation of the community in the context of the threat reaction) Communities are the foundation of civil society. All communities should be perceived as civil society structures. You are the raiders of the Republic. For example from the football player Hakan Şükür to Turkey’s best scientists, from the former president to the former prime minister, influential everyone should be revalued when in a place that social conflict has occurred.”
November 12, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “One million people have died in Iraq in a region where we have dominated and brotherly lived for 600 years. One million people were deported. A million people are missing. Shame on Turkish politics.”
November 16, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “You can not pave the way for Turkey with the help of slogans whenever you are in trouble. Their great slogan was ‘no stopping, keep on going’ in the Turkish general election in 2007, right? No stopping, continue to unemployment, poverty, theft. Continue to move factories abroad. In hospitals, the bodies of babies continue to be delivered to their fathers in cardboard boxes.”
November 20, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey was in contact with the Iraqi Government, the Iraqi president 3-4 months ago. Did they wait for our 17 sons and 6 police officers to be martyred in Aktütün province of Hakkari in order to get in contact with Barzani? Are we with a coward Republic of Turkey? Are we with a Turkey that can not reveal a determination to fight terrorism? When it comes to the farmers, shopkeepers, nation he is like a tough guy from Kasımpaşa province of Istanbul, but when it comes to Barzani, he is worse than a mama’s boy, his voice mutes.”
November 26, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Growth of Turkey has been continuously shrinking for 4 years. The current account deficit is constantly increasing. The government has another problem. He will send a friend to that baby-killer Abdullah Öcalan, one of the founding members of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, to İmralı prison. What is your problem, Mr. Prime Minister? You consider Barzani, Abdullah Öcalan and your corrupt friends, for once, think about the farmer, worker, officer, retired, industrialist, and the young people of this country.”
December 10, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “Justice is still a delayed institution. Politics are being made on the differences of the people in Turkey. People can not look to the future with confidence.”
December 21, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: “The AKP government and the Prime Minister, which makes people hopeless and prevent us to see even 6 months later, will be given lessons and will fall from the popular esteem.”
January 5, 2008, Süleyman Soylu: (He speaks about AKP municipalities) “These municipalities focused on their own way of reconstruction and profiteerings. The country is ruled by a profiteering government. It was delivered to a bliss chain. A deputy chairperson in Silivri, province of İstanbul, had a zoning change for $ 1 million. AKP municipalities work as tender municipalities. Their signature is under the biggest fraud ever happened in Turkey.”
January 8, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “The AKP, is a narcotizing and sleeping project in Turkey.
January 26, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “The citizen has nothing but votes in his pocket. One out of every four young people in the working-age is unemployed.”
February 10, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “People voted for the AKP to be a peaceful country with its neighbors, to get peace and prosperity and ‘unemployment.’ But every time they were disappointed.”
February 16, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “One out of every two people who have graduated from university is unemployed. Strong ones crushed the weak ones in Turkey.”
February 17, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “You do not save the nation from the repressive power of the 1980 constitution until today, and then we say that we will do it after March 29 local elections. Even crows laugh at this claim.”
February 18, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “We are not looking for a mayor to deliver the tenders. We are looking for an honest, decent mayor to deliver the city.”
February 24, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Let us see if I am not make him pay back, put him out of action and leaving him off the game with a red card in 6 months.”
February 24, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Everyone should know, and hear me out that if I will not call the ones that suck the blood of country to account, then I am a coward.”
March 6, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “I will scrape this power in 6 months.”
March 9, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Because of the AKP’s economic policy government officials and workers are in debt. Eighty percent of the worker and eighty-one percent of the government officials are in dept. The farmer cannot find diesel, fertilizer, money. They are mortgaging their fields because of debts.”
March 10, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey become an importing country, a country of interest. They turned our kids into racing horses. One exam was taken and three exams were put on.”
March 11, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: (When Tayyip Erdoğan compared himself to Adnan Menderes, he replied) “Who do you think you are that mention Menderes?”
March 15, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Turkey is miserable and hopeless for 7 years. In the last elections, the people gave the AKP an advance. But they could not use it. They failed to meet any expectations. People are in trouble. Everyone is worried.”
March 16, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Shopkeepers can not make the first sale of the day. Retired people are thinking about how to get the end of the month. The main problem with this country is not being ruled. Fail to fulfill the promises. A mindset that says ‘I will end poverty and corruption’ yet condemns the retired people to poverty. The government has failed to move the country into the future and has destroyed the hopes for the future.”
March 17, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “13.6 percent unemployment is the biggest unemployment in the history of the Republic. There has been an increase of over 800.000 according to December 2007. Turkey also broke a historic record in debt with this government.”
March 18, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “The nation will show ‘the disruptor’ to the AKP.”
March 21, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “If the attitude of the Supreme Electoral Council is not due to the lack of recognition of people, I think they are in collusion with the government. This attitude shows that Turkey is still in a state of tyranny.”
March 22, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “I am struggling to return the degenerated politics in Ankara back to its old days. Tent theater was established. Citizens are in pain. You show the yellow card to the government, let me be the one that shows the red card to the government.”
March 22, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Farmers use the world’s most expensive diesel fuel and fertilizer. Turkey’s last 7 years was a waste with the AKP government. People commit suicide because of credit card debt in Turkey.”
March 22, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “We are tired of unemployment and foreclosures. I have been on the roads to get to a floor of moral politics and to get back the politics from those who abuse the politics in Turkey.”
April 1, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “They can not move Turkey to peace.”
May 17, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “I was born with a character, I grew up with a character, I will die with a character.”
June 20, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “In Turkey’s republican era, there are three ‘others’. Peasant, religionists and Kurds, Alevis and minorities. In the last 60 years, one or more important steps have been taken in the first two issues. Now the issue of Kurds, Alevis, and minorities should be dealt with. Turkey must solve these problems. Only then the republic will meet with the democracy.”
July 27, 2009, Süleyman Soylu: “Prime Minister Erdoğan does not fulfill his responsibilities. The government failed in the fields of unemployment, health, and economy.”
2011 Süleyman Soylu: “On the one hand Mr. Chairperson of the Nationalist Movement Party Devlet Bahçeli about Fethullah Gülen, on the other hand, CHP Mersin Deputy İsa Gök again makes an irrelevant statement about Fethullah Gülen and the people who serve with him, they make an inaccurate statement that is obviously directed by a center. Nobody tell me it is a coincidence. In the last 4 years in Turkey where no one dared, and the previous ones dared but paid the price with their lives, there was only one person that stepped forward for this job and he stepped forward with his friends, yes, political will was also behind it, the right needs to be delivered for this but also it drew us into a new area in which Turkey was not involved in nor could be imagined to be a part of it by any of us, that we can format our brains about the political future of the country. It was revealed by a single man, the son of a hawker, that the injustice people in this country will not profit from the injustice. This may have gone heavy. While they were in deputy undersecretaries in Ankara, they were in the bureaucracy in Ankara, of course, while they were wagging their tails to each government, they did not take the risk that this man took, the risk that Turkish prosecutor Zekeriya Öz took, or the risk his friends have taken.”


Translated by Atakan Hüyük