After an Uzbek national -Nadira Kadirova- was found dead in the residence of governing AKP member of parliament Şirin Ünal, an investigation has been started into her death to reveal whether it was a suicide as claimed initially. AKP’s Ünal said “I am ready to cooperate” while Human Rights Association criticized the handling of investigation process.

23 year old Nadira Kadirova, of Uzbek origin, was found dead in governing Justice & Development Party AKP member of parliament Şirin Ünal’s house on September 23, 2019. Nadira’s brother Muhammad Ali Kadirova told that the forensic medical examination was conducted promtly and they were not given any information on the process in the mean time, it was claimed that Nadira ended her life using Şirin Ünal’s licenced pistol.
The statement from Ankara Police Department concluded that “The incident of suicide took place during the esteemed representative was residing with his wife, his daugther and the other housekeeper. All the works and operations were conducted under the supervision of the chief public prosecutor”. Even though this statement supported the claims of suicide, the question asked by chief public prosecutor’s office to Nadira’s friend Leyla Niyazova whether “Nadira was taken out for prostitution?” sparked reactions.
Main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP Party Council member and member of parliament Sera Kadıgil brought the suspicions regarding Nadira’s death to the agenda of the Parliament, but according to the news report on Cumhuriyet Newspaper, in the investigation documents, it was revealed that Ünal was not “suspect” in this investigation. On the other hand, Peoples’ Democratic Party HDP member of parliament Züleyha Gülüm filed a parliamentary inquiry with regards to this investigation, asking whether “claims of abuse and sexual assault that would lead to Nadira’s death were investigated?”.
In the statement given by the Attorney General’s Office, finger prints and hand samples were taken from AKP’s Ünal and others involved, meanwhile Nadira’s death is stated to happen due to a shot taken close to the body. It was found out that Nadira was in contact with the principle of a private teaching institute located in Ankara’s Çankaya on Tunalı Hilmi Avenue, to prepare herself for the foreign students university exam. According to the information given by her relatives, Nadira was saving money to enroll in a university in Turkey and she was going to start her lectures in the near future to prepare herself for the university exam. She planned to stay in Turkey and get married for the further phase in her life.
Human Rights Association stated, “investigation on Nadira Kadirova’s death is completely conducted against Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention Action against violence against women and domestic violence. The need for objectively collecting evidence were violated” and told that they have filed a criminal complaint against AKP’s Şirin Ünal. Whereas Şirin Ünal in his statement told that “That night I put aside my immunity and told the public prosecutor everything I saw and knew. I am ready to do anything I have to”.
Translated by Nevzat Ahrar