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Women’s Place in Society – 17 Women Bus Drivers in Izmir

17 female bus drivers in İzmir questioned the ‘Women’s Place in Society’ once again. And they showed us that a woman can do anything if she wants, believes, and is given the opportunity. I’m proud of them!

In my articles in the past weeks, I have examined the issue of ‘the place of women in society’ from a social perspective and a male perspective by using the science of psychology. In this week’s article, I would like to talk about the misperceptions that we create as women. Also, I would like to talk about those who pursue their dreams without listening to their society, children, husband, parents etc. that say, ‘You cannot or should not.’

Tunç Soyer who is mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality shared a video on his Instagram page yesterday. This video is about 17 female bus drivers and their short interviews about their adventure of being bus driver. One of them says that ‘It was my dream since I was a child. I imagined that I would use these buses.’ Other mentions about her 11-years of daughter’s biases regarding women’s weaknesses since her husband has been driving bus while she has been driving just taxi. She adds that she has provided equality between men and women in the eyes of his daughter after she has been a bus driver, also. A woman says, ‘We trust ourselves.’ Another says that ‘if we can raise a child as a mother, we can do anything that men do.’ And one of them adds that ‘if women are allowed, we can be at the top.’ These are promising and proud!

When you look at the details, there are actually hidden messages behind these sentences. All the prejudices I’ve described in my first two articles. They include ‘You can’t do it, you shouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t be in male-dominated jobs and the opportunities that are not presented to us.’ Ultimately, these prejudices are also destroyed by women who have been subjected to these prejudices. Interesting!

Until now, or rather until the opportunity is given, these women may only be given the maternity duty; perhaps the society that have been living in says ‘Do not intervene in male affairs.’ Maybe they also believed they couldn’t. Maybe they wanted to try, perhaps they did not dare before. They are trapped in the ‘psychological’ barriers created by themselves or by society, along with their learned desperation. Since they are women! They had to do the jobs that were deemed appropriate for the women. Most probably, they said themselves ‘I am the mother, I have to do a job that suits me according to my sex.’ Therefore, they should not get a reaction, should do?

But when faith comes into play, perhaps these stubborn women (and, of course, with the appropriate opportunity) stand up. They break down the barriers they’re stuck in. Their self-confidence is confronted with the distrust of the society towards them. And, finally it turns out that these women can both do maternity (although maternity is optional) and do men’s jobs although they have been suppressed for so many many years, perhaps they know that no one stands behind them.

I am proud of you! You gave the following message to women: Our perception or misperception is in our hands. We can do anything if we want.


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