Women’s Place in Society – Introduction to a Perceptional Approach

‘The place of woman in the society’ is a hot topic that has been widely discussed and debated for decades.  In almost every society, because of the ability to give birth to childr and breastfeed the child, the duty of caring for the child is given to women. Therefore, when we say ‘woman’, some adjectives such as...

Column: Partnership in Local Governments Serves for Social Peace

“Today, it is clear that Adana and the whole country need policies that unite over common social values rather than polarizing and alienating policies based on ethnic and social differences. The language that will take the country forward is this kind of language. Everyone should pay attention to this.” In the...

Diyarbakır Bar President Cihan Aydın: Dismissing Mayors is an Administrative Coup

Diyarbakır Bar President Cihan Aydın reacted strongly against unseating of HDP Diyarbakır, Mardin, Van Metropolitan Co-Mayors. Aydın said Turkish democracy received a huge blow with what happened. Aydın drew attention to the fact that this was a governmental coup and added, “Unfortunately the unlawful situation we...

Protests Continue on Third Day after Dismissal of Elected HDP Co-Mayors

Two days after Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin metropolitan co-mayors elected under Peoples’ Democratic Party HDP have been dismissed to be replaced by governors that were appointed as trustees in their stead, protests continue to rock Turkey. Hundreds across the country have been detained as calls for protest grow...

Modern Slavery in Shopping Malls: Report from Main Opposition CHP

According to the main opposition Republican People’s Party CHP’s Shopping Mall Report, employees in shopping malls who are working for 12 hours, can also not benefit from religious and national holidays. More than half of the shopping mall workers constantly work overtime. 54.4 percent of shopping mall employees have...


10 hours ago
CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu was asked what he would say about Muharrem İnce declaring his bid for presidency for 2023 Presidential Elections, "we will see when the elections are due, then we will decide on nomination." https://t.co/QCeegZ7Y46
10 hours ago
3 thieves stole 36 sheep in Adana, caught on security camera. Police is looking for suspect R.D. after catching Vahap A. and Ibrahim A.
11 hours ago
Renowned actor Haluk Bilginer has been nominated for "Best Actor" in International Emmy Awards for his performance on TV series Şahsiyet. https://t.co/O2uiKWOsh6
11 hours ago
11 people have been called to testify concerning protest against state dormitory construction on METU campus. Kavaklık Initiative member Çağlar Karabulut, "we will let none of our friends to experience any unjust treatment." https://t.co/LKGoFX2RL3
11 hours ago
3 young musicians fell into the lake in Rize's Çamlıhemşin when wooden board broke as they were singing to gaida music. https://t.co/LUP07F4CEm
11 hours ago
Man is claimed to have sexually molested little children while they were on their way to Quran School in Istanbul's Fatih at Tarsus Mosque. Istanbul Peace Court ruled "arrest warrant would be a too great measure" releasing the suspect. https://t.co/iNhlM0weDK
11 hours ago
Civil Voices Festival will take place at UNIQ Istanbul on September 20-21.

Participants will get to meet civil society representatives as well as participate in lively discussion after panels & talks.